Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss the news of the week, including the ShadowBrokers crowdfunding attempt, errors in WannaCry, a new Wikileaks dump, last week’s Samba vulnerability, and the OneLogin breach.

The fallout from a targeted attack on computers belonging to members of the Japanese House of Representatives continued on Tuesday, with claims that both servers and PCs on the House network were infected with a password stealing Trojan, and reports that House members had taken to storing sensitive government documents on personal PCs to avoid leaking sensitive information to the attackers.

The SANS Internet Storm Center has a fascinating look [] today at a recent incident in which a Web server was compromised through the use of a remote Web application flaw. The attack might have stopped there, but a series of cascading failures led to further problems and damage. It’s a classic boy-meets-server, boy-0wns-server tale.

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