Most of What You’ve Read About DNSChanger Is Wrong. Here’s How.

If you’ve been scanning the headlines or watching the evening news, you may have heard that tens of thousands of Internet users in the U.S. – hundreds of thousands around the world – will be cut off from the Internet on Monday, July 9, after servers set up at the bequest of the U.S. government go dark. That’s bad, right? Well, maybe not.

Back in January, Threatpost covered a story originally reported by Julien Sobrier of Zsacaler. Sobrier discovered that the websites of a number of prominent American universities and government institutions had been hijacked and were redirecting fake online stores. As it turns out, some of the sites mentioned in the initial report continue to do so.

Hackers reportedly broke into and installed password-stealing programs on a number of servers belonging to insurance giant The Hartford, according to a ComputerWorld report.The 200-year-old, 28,000 employee strong company sent a letter of warning to some 300 employees, contractors and a small number of customers.

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