Shylock malware

More Malware Moving on Skype

With Skype expanding its reach with services designed for small businesses, and other messaging platforms such as Microsoft Windows Messenger shutting down, Skype is becoming an attractive target for malware writers.Reports surfaced last week of the Shylock financial malware spreading on Skype and yesterday, researchers reported the discovery of more malware propagating on Skype.  

Upclicker Trojan Evades Sandbox Detection by Hiding in a Mouse Click

Finding keen new ways to avoid detection by security systems, malware scanners in particular, seems to be a primary objective for malware writers.Researchers at FireEye have found one of the most ingenious, a Trojan called Upclicker that eludes automated sandbox detection by hooking into a mouse click.

Shylock Malware Evasion Techniques Now Detect RDP Connections

Plenty of malware samples contain embedded functionality that helps the code avoid detection by security software, or places encryption or packing barriers that keep security researchers from studying changes that would help vendors write detection signatures.The Shylock malware has taken that dynamic a step further.

A new attack against online banking customers uses a malware platform to trick its victims into verifying bogus transactions.The attack, first described by Trusteer CTO Amit Klein, waits for an unsuspecting business banking customer to log online before telling them that “security checks” need to be performed.

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