With the release of Chrome 42 this week, Google fixed more than 40 vulnerabilities. But the most significant security change in the new browser is Google’s decision to disable the NPAPI, essentially turning off plugins such as Java and Silverlight by default. The decision didn’t come out of nowhere. Google warned developers and users about it […]

Microsoft will issue nine security updates, four critical, for Patch Tuesday next week, fixing 21 different vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, .NET, Silverlight and Office.Seven of the nine may lead to remote code execution, while the other two may lead to elevation of privilege, according to Microsoft’s advance notification bulletin yesterday.

Microsoft said in a post on the Technet Web site that it plans to release seven security bulletins on Tuesday, fixing eight security holes in a variety of products. Among them will be a fix for a new class of software vulnerability – the “Security Feature Bypass,” which could be used by attackers to make other exploits more potent, Microsoft said.

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