VIEW SLIDESHOW: Weird Science: 10 Forms of Biometric Authentication In the past twenty years, we’ve gone from using amber-tinted dumb terminals connected to refrigerator-sized mainframe computers to sleek tablet computers and smart phones tucked into our pockets. Despite those changes, one technology has stubbornly persisted: passwords. Indeed, the explosion in computing devices and Web-based services has made us more dependent on passwords than ever.

Over the weekend, a pair of hackers successfully installed Apple’s previously iPhone 4S-exclusive voice assistant service, Siri, onto an iPhone 4 and fourth-generation iPod Touch. The hack works on jailbroken iOS devices.

A hole in the locking feature of  iPad 2 could allow anyone to access to data and applications on a locked device, according to a recent report from The bypass involves an intricate sequence of steps using the iPad 2’s Smart Cover, an accessory that magnetically folds over the tablet, to work around the device’s Lock screen.

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