Smartphone Security

Vulnerability in Viber for Android Enables Lock Screen Bypass

Another day, another smartphone lock screen bypass vulnerability. This time a flaw in a popular messaging application for the Android mobile platform is to blame. Viber, which is similar to Skype in that it allows users to make free phone calls and send instant messages, is vulnerable to a flaw that could allow an attacker […]

Mobile Website Flaws Cloak Click Fraud

It’s possible to craft a malicious website so that a user’s clicks are
secretly redirected to a legitimate site in a way that steals a user’s
passwords and other data. Many Web developers have added protections to
block the tactic on standard websites, but Stanford University
researchers warn that there are not nearly enough defenses against the
technique on mobile websites. Read the full article. [Technology Review]

Penn State researchers managed to
identify the pass code patterns on two Android smartphones (the HTC G1
and the HTC Nexus One), 68 percent of the time using photographs taken under
different lighting conditions, and camera positions. Read the full article. [ZDNet]

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