Veracode have put out another snazzy infographic, this time to help illustrate the mobile computing boom of the last few years. To accompany the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that’s becoming commonplace in offices around the world, the web security firm uses two characters, Joe Worker and Joe IT to help break down a slew of stats, including details on the rising cost of mobile phone breaches, the dramatic jump in device adoption and 10 tips to protect smartphones and tablets.

In the long-awaited return of the News Wrap podcast, Threatpost’s newest editor, Paul Roberts, makes his debut as he and Dennis Fisher discuss the Network Solutions parked domains hack, the troubling attacks emerging on smartphone platforms and the odd story of a Trojan-infected PC being linked to a 2008 airplane crash.

Hackers at this year’s CanSecWest Pwn2Own contest will definitely break into an Apple iPhone by exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability.That’s the prediction from Charlie Miller and Aaron Portnoy, two security researchers who are monitoring events leading to next week’s hacker challenge.

By Danny TijerinaLast week at the RSA Conference, my colleague Derek Brown and I, presented findings from a research project titled MOBOTS: Pocketful of Pwnage, which was designed to show how easy it would be to create a large mobile botnet. Please note that we did not actually create a botnet; we simply presented results of two different experiments that showed how easy it would be to create one.

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