Survey: SMBs Remain Blissfully Unfazed by Cyberthreats

More than three quarters of small business owners claim their companies are safe from cyber attacks, yet only 17 percent of those businesses have implemented a formal cybersecurity plan.This is just one of many problems for small businesses in the digital realm, according to a joint survey (.PDF) released by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and security firm Symantec this week.

Remote-Access Apps Continue to Serve As Popular Attack Vectors

By Rob LemosThere are a lot of good reasons to have remote-access software installed on a business network: It might be there to allow a remote administrator to manage a database; or to give a third-party point-of-sale management firm to apply patches; or even to allow a PBX vendor access to the server managing their client’s voice-over-IP lines. Unfortunately, through poor configuration, bad passwords or vulnerabilities, the software is also allowing attackers in to steal data and is  becoming an increasingly popular attack vector.

DDoS attacks come in all shapes and sizes, and in a lot of cases, the victims of the attacks don’t much care who is executing the attack or why. They just know that their network is being overwhelmed with junk traffic. But the last year has seen a major volume of politically motivated attacks, and new research shows that as much as 35 percent of DDoS are the result of some political or ideological motivation.

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