SMS fraud

SMS Extortion Trojan Targeting Apple Machines

In yet another blow to the tenuous false sense of security among Apple users, the Russian antivirus firm Dr. Web has uncovered what it claims is a first-of-its-kind fake installer Trojan targeting Mac machines and extorting their users with SMS fraud.

New Tactics Helping Toll Fraud Malware on Android Avoid Detection

Malware intent on SMS fraud, also known as toll fraud, has been a constant on mobile platforms, Android in particular, for some time. And FakeInst is definitely king of the hill when it comes to this type of malware. Prevalent in Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe, the malware poses as popular applications, free games or screensaver and once installed, sends premium SMS messages to a service controlled by an attacker. The malware also intercepts messages confirming the charges from wireless providers and ultimately, the user is socked with a massive phone bill while the attacker quietly cashes in. A recent report from Lookout Security said toll fraud malware accounted for 91% of mobile malware and FakeInst malware has netted more than $10 million this year for the attackers behind the malware.

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