Facebook Graph Search Mines Potentially Rich Data for Phishers, Attackers

Facebook is serious about its new Graph Search feature, which helps users of the social media site narrowly search for friends with common interests in a much more intuitive fashion than a Google search, for example. Founder Mark Zuckerberg had tagged Graph Search the third Facebook pillar, right alongside the site’s news feed and timeline. So why are security and privacy experts nervous? There’s some serious horsepower behind Graph Search, and there are users whose interests aren’t as benign as finding friends of friends in a particular location who happen to like country music, fine wine and yoga.

Security Firms Warn Users of Fake Java Updates

It’s really starting to feel like we’re piling on the perennially vulnerable, industry punching bag that is Java. That said, GFI Labs and other security firms are warning their users to be wary of malicious fake Java updaters taking advantage of all the patches Oracle had to ship last week.

Phishers are using a typosquatted domain name designed to mimic the URL of a popular e-commerce destination in order to lure their victims to a malicious Website that prompts its visitors to download a malicious add-on that will guide users to phishing sites, even when they type legitimate URLs into their browser’s address bar.

Cybercriminals are mimicking the online payment processor PayPal in a malicious spam campaign that attempts to dupe customers into downloading malware from links in seemingly authentic emails, according to a Webroot report written by Dancho Danchev.

Please leave your credit card number, its expiration date and security code, along with your full name and billing address in the comments section of this blog post. You’re obviously not going to do this. You know better, I know better, but there are those who don’t. So many, in fact, that scammers are not only comfortable with and willing to invest in scams no more or less complicated, but they are also confident that the scams will succeed.

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