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Facebook Streamlines Privacy Controls in Latest Update

In what may be the least surprising news of the day, Facebook is again making changes to its privacy controls.The existing privacy controls, which we explored in depth in our How-To Video on the subject, are a bit convoluted. So it makes sense that product manager Samuel Lessin is rolling out some end-of-the-year privacy feature updates on the world’s largest social network that are essentially designed to clarify existing features and seamlessly integrate privacy controls into Facebook’s primary interface.

Fake Facebook Alert Emails Link to Black Hole Sites

Attackers are sending spoofed “pending notification” emails to Facebook users, claiming that the recipients overlooked some alert on the world’s largest social network, and providing them with a link that supposedly leads to the allegedly neglected content but which, in reality, funnels users to a series of compromised websites hosting the Black Hole Exploit Kit, according to researcher Dancho Danchev.

How-To Video: Facebook Privacy

 In the previous video in our how-to series, Securing Facebook, we reported that the social networking giant was rapidly approaching one billion active users. Facebook has since surpassed that mark. Considering that, we produced a video detailing and explaining how to implement some simple, built-in features on the world’s largest social network that should help keep your profiles as private as possible. 

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