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Twitter Resolves SMS Bug (For Some Users)

UPDATE–A day after an independant security researcher disclosed a vulnerability in SMS-enabled Twitter accounts, the social network giant announced it’s fixed the flaw – at least for some users. Those who use a “long code” and/or cannot use a PIN code remain at risk.

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How-To Video: Securing Facebook

Facebook’s active-user count is rapidly approaching one billion. The world’s largest social network, which has long been a popular target and platform for attackers, will only become a more relevant outlet for scams and other fraud as it continues to grow.

The “up side” of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and G+ are well known. But the down side of these networks for both users and for organizations that employ them are only now becoming clear. Worms, malware and spam are just the beginning of the security problems engendered by the social net. In this exclusive interview, conducted via e-mail, Threatpost editor Paul Roberts asked Joe Gottlieb, the CEO of security event management firm Sensage, about the many, subtle ways that social networks are eroding organizations’ online defenses.

The next decade will see Microsoft lose its grip as the most-used and most attacked platform, as a new generation of hackers and cybercriminals diversify, launching attacks on a growing population of mobile devices and computers that run operating systems other than Windows, according to Kaspersky Lab’s 2020 cybercrime outlook.

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