sony breach

2014 Year in Review

Mike Mimoso and Dennis Fisher look back on the crazy year that was in security, including the big Internet-wide bugs such as Heartbleed and Shellshock, the Home Depot and Sony breaches and what lessons we learned in 2014.

Sony: Employee Health Information May Have Been Compromised

Sony Pictures Entertainment has sent a letter to employees warning them that, along with huge amounts of corporate and employee information, some personal health data belonging to SPE employees may also have been compromised in the attack that hit the company in late November.

Mike Mimoso on the Sony Breach

Dennis Fisher and Mike Mimoso talk about the details of the Sony breach, including the question of attribution, Sony’s response to the attack, media outlets publishing the stolen data and the rise of destructive malware attacks.

The New York Times is reporting that Spanish Law enforcement officials have arrested three individuals in connection with cyberattacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network as well as other corporations and governments around the world. The individuals are alleged to be leading members of the internet hacker collective Anonymous.

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