Tumblr Repairs Defacements After Worm Hits Thousands of Accounts

A malware attack against the Tumblr blogging platform has been stifled, but not before tens of thousands of pages were defaced with a racist taunt by a group of Internet trolls known as GNAA.A post on the Tumblr staff blog yesterday said engineers had identified the source of the problem, removed the viral post and restored services. “No accounts have been compromised and you don’t need to take further action,” the post said.

Amid an increase in defacements of legitimate websites over the past few weeks, Fraser Howard, a researcher from Sophos, has discovered that the groups behind the attacks are increasingly using sophisticated filtering and dynamic content to avoid detection by search engines and web filtering firms.

BARCELONA — If you thought the CAN SPAM Act of 2003 nailed the coffin closed on the legality of spamming in the U.S., you’d be wrong. In fact, CAN SPAM compliant spam e-mail – sometimes referred to as ‘Snowshoe Spam’ is a growing source of nuisance e-mail messages hitting inboxes in the U.S. and around the world, according to a researcher working for antivirus firm Sophos.

It was one of those odd moments where the entire online community was briefly unified in its mourning of the tech visionary, Apple co-founder, and former CEO whose life-work has demanded nearly universal respect. But as with everything else on the Internet, it didn’t last long. The dregs of the Web showed up in short-order to exploit the death of Steve Jobs, who died of cancer last night at the age of 56.

China, once one of the worlds’s leading spam-producers, is at long last beginning to curb its spam output. Cisco Systems’ IronPort group ranks the nation 18th on its list of spam-producing countries, according to this piece from the IDG News Service.

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