South Carolina data breach

Attackers Had Access for Months in South Carolina Data Breach

Attackers had two months of unfettered access to South Carolina’s Department of Revenue systems in a classic targeted attack that began with a phishing email and ended with the loss of electronic tax return data, and payment card and personal information on 3.8 million filers, possibly dating back to 1998.

South Carolina Data Breach Casts Spotlight on Lack of Encryption, Stolen Credentials

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley said a mouthful this week when she spilled a dirty industry secret that Social Security numbers are generally not encrypted by state agencies. Reeling from a Department of Revenue data breach that leaked 3.6 million Social Security and credit card numbers as well as other personally identifiable information for more than three-fourths of the state’s residents, Haley called encryption complicated and cumbersome technology.

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