SSL flaw

SSL Flaw Opens Up Twitter MiTM Attack

The vulnerability in the design of the SSL/TLS protocol revealed earlier this month can apparently be used to carry out attacks in practice. On his blog, student Anil Kurmus reports that he was able to steal a Twitter password by using a man-in-the-middle attack. Until now it had been assumed that the problem was largely theoretical and would be made manifest only in very limited scenarios.

Security Writer Questions Impact of SSL Flaw

Let’s try to separate the wheat from the chaff. Let’s start by looking at the vulnerability itself. It is a “man-in-the-middle” (MitM) attack in which an attacker can use an SSL feature called “negotiation” to inject bad stuff into an SSL session. Right, so that’s not good news. But the sky isn’t exactly falling yet, so we can all remain calm for now. Let’s put things into perspective here… In order to use an MitM attack to actually effect damage isn’t entirely
trivial. The attacker either needs to be on the same local network as
the client, or in the network path between the client and the server. By far, the most likely of these scenarios, at least in the near term,
is to attack systems on a local network. We have a little bit of
leverage there. Read the full article. [Computerworld]

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