Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Scams Continue

There is another Steve Jobs related scam floating around the Internet. According to Trend Micro, this one comes in the form of an email sent from a fake charity organization cleverly titled, Steve Jobs Charity Fund.

It was one of those odd moments where the entire online community was briefly unified in its mourning of the tech visionary, Apple co-founder, and former CEO whose life-work has demanded nearly universal respect. But as with everything else on the Internet, it didn’t last long. The dregs of the Web showed up in short-order to exploit the death of Steve Jobs, who died of cancer last night at the age of 56.

Outpourings of grief came from all corners of the technology world on Wednesday after Apple Computer announced that its co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs had died of cancer at the age of 56. 

Apple may be trying to change the spin on its controversial location tracking, err…harvesting feature. The company issued a FAQ this week and pulled CEO Steve Jobs off of medical leave to argue the company’s case and quell concerns about the little known feature that include calls for an explanation from Capitol Hill lawmakers. 

In a letter to the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) expressed concerns regarding recent revelations that Apple products have been continuously tracking and recording user location information with questionable consent and without an easy way to opt out of such tracking.

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