Sun Microsystems

Oracle Plans Monster Patch Tuesday Release

Oracle will join Microsoft on next week’s Patch Tuesday freight train and it will be another mega-release.

The database server giant says in a pre-release announcement that it will patch a whopping 81 vulnerabilities, some serious enough to be remotely exploitable without authentication (over a network without the need for a username and password). 

Bouncing RPC

By Ivan ArceIn the early years of Core Security Technologies, the company not only offered security consulting services, but often was sub-contracted to do R+D for several security vendors. The first and most intellectually rewarding of such contracts came from Secure Networks Inc. (SNI), a Canadian start-up that was developing a network vulnerability scanner named Ballista Network Auditing System. Our contract work for SNI, plus a couple of local security consulting contracts, were largely responsible for the financial viability of Core in its early days and for that I will be always thankful to the SNI team.

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