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More Malware Using a Remote Payload Discovered on Google Play

Symantec is warning of new malware masquerading as two apps on Google Play that claimed up to 100,000 victims before the Trojan was removed.Both “Super Mario Bros.” and “GTA 3 Moscow City” racked up 50,000 to 100,000 downloads after being posted June 24 on Google Play.

Researchers Find Trojan Using Facebook

Researchers at Symantec have discovered a trojan that uses Facebook to communicate with a control and command server. Dubbed “whitewell” this malware spreads via email, contacts the mobile version of Facebook and uses its Notes section to perform actions based on the Notes titles. Andrea Lelli wrote on the Symantec Security Response blog that Web server urls can be embedded in the Notes and be controlled. Other commands recognized in the title have executable links or can have the trojan wait. The trojan is not using flaws or exploits, but “standard Facebook functionality” in a targeted attack. Read the full article. [eWEEK]

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