Twitter is facing increased pressure to beef up authentication for users after the hijacking of another high-profile account yesterday caused some temporary tremors on the stock market. The social network has reportedly been testing two-factor authentication internally; Twitter lags behind Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple in implementing a two-factor authentication system. Wired claimed in a […]

Researchers analyzing the Dark Comet remote access Trojan (RAT) program say that data from more than 400 campaigns suggests the malicious program is being used for a wide range of jobs, from attacks on online gamers, to potential hacks of air force bases and government Web sites. 

Whistle blower website Wikileaks announced Thursday that it would publish nearly 2.5 million e-mails from 680 agencies in Syria over the next two months. In a press release on the organization’s site, Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange claimed “the material is embarrassing to Syria,” and “Syria’s opponents.”

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