Join Dennis Fisher, Threatpost editor-in-chief, and his guests, Josh Corman, Director Security Intelligence Akamai, and Gene Kim, Founder / Former CTO Tripwire, and Author, “Visible Ops,” as they discuss the changing threat landscape and how technology plays a pivotal role in the security challenges facing businesses today.

Global 2000 companies can be split into two categories, according to the author of a new white paper from McAfee (PDF); those that know they’ve been compromised and those that don’t yet know.“The only organizations that are exempt from this threat,” writes the paper’s author, Dmitri Alperovitch, “are those that don’t have anything valuable or interesting worth stealing.”

The Pentagon is compiling a list of offensive cyber-weapons capable of deliberately crippling or destroying an adversary’s critical infrastructure according to a recent report in the Washington Post.This collection of cyber weapons is part of a broader list of weapons approved by the Pentagon for use against America’s enemies.

Costin Raiu, chief security expert at Kaspersky Lab in Romania, discusses the state of the threat landscape for the year ahead, including botnets, malicious PDFs and targeted attacks.

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