TJX Hacker Claims Uncle Sam Knew

Jailed hacker and data theft mastermind Albert Gonzalez is reportedly seeking to appeal his guilty plea, arguing that he committed his crimes at the behest of the Secret Service, according to a report by Wired.

Notorious hacker Albert Gonzalez pleaded guilty Dec. 29 to conspiracy to hack into the computer networks of Heartland Payment Systems, 7-11 and Hannaford Brothers and faces sentencing between 17 and 25 years on top of his previous guilty plea for the TJX breach and others. Read the full article. [eWEEK]

The group of hackers alleged to have broken into the networks of a string of companies, including TJX, Hannaford and Heartland Payment Systems, were in no hurry once they worked their way into the companies’ systems. In fact, they had plenty of time to do their dirty work, in some cases sitting inside the networks and stealing data for as long as a year.

From (Brad Stone)
Albert Gonzalez, a suspect in several hacking cases, was close to reaching a comprehensive plea agreement with federal prosecutors in Massachusetts and New York when federal prosecutors in New Jersey indicted him on Monday on a new raft of computer crimes, said Mr. Gonzalez’s lawyer, Rene Palomino Jr. Read the full story [].

From (Kim Zetter)
Accused TJX hacker kingpin Albert Gonzalez called his credit card theft ring “Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin.”
He spent $75,000 on a birthday party for himself and once complained that he had to manually count $340,000 in pilfered $20 bills because his counting machine broke. But while Gonzalez apparently lived high off ill-gotten gains, a programmer who claims he earned nothing from the scheme sits broke and unemployed, his career in shambles, while awaiting sentencing for a piece of software he crafted for his friend. Read the full story [].

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