Trojan horse program

New E-Banking Trojans Target Android Users

The security firm Trusteer reports that new Web-based attacks are targeting Android smartphone users in a campaign to circumvent two-factor sign-on features used by many banks to protect account holders.

CANCUN, MEXICO — A panel of top law enforcement officers in charge of cyber criminal investigations reveals that the guys with the white hats face an uphill climb if they want to take down cyber criminal kingpins, with outdated laws and processes on the one hand, and an increasingly skeptical and privacy-conscious public on the other.

Adobe on Tuesday released a patch for a vulnerability affecting versions of its ColdFusion Web application development platform. A company spokeswoman said the company still hasn’t set a date for an emergency patch for a critical and previously unknown hole in both the Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat applications, after promising to issue a fix this week. 

Microsoft said that its looking into a reported zero day vulnerability in Windows that was used by the Duqu malware to spread, but isn’t committing to a patch for the problem in time for this months scheduled update.

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