Google Bans GPS Spy App, Developer Cries Foul

Malware may be difficult to define but, as former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously quipped about pornography “you know it when you see it.” At least that’s the position being taken by Google and anti malware firms about two applications designed for mobile phones running Google’s Android operating system. Now the developer is crying foul.

Possible New Rootkit Has Drivers Signed by Realtek

Security researchers have identified a new suspicious program that is copying itself to PCs via USB mass storage devices and is digitally signed with the certificate of Realtek Semiconductor, a major manufacturer of computer products based in Taiwan.

New Trojan Disguised as Windows IME

There’s a new attack technique in use right now that enables attackers to inject Trojan code onto victims’ machines by disguising it as a Windows input method editor (IME).

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