Threatpost News Wrap, June 3, 2016

Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss the news of the week, including the back and forth around whether or not TeamViewer was hacked, the fallout around the years-old MySpace and Tumblr breaches, and a 90K Windows zero day.

A flurry of fake, ad-laden Angry Birds lookalike games have flooded the Google Chrome Web store of late. The online marketplace where Google sells extensions and games for its Chrome browser has seen an influx of games mimicking “Bad Piggies,” a new game Rovio Entertainment recently released that puts a twist on its ubiquitous Angry Birds game.

A new Ubuntu Linux distribution is being marketed as “Anonymous-OS” and comes pre-loaded with tools for hacking and protecting anonymity online. However, it is unclear whether the new operating system was created by the anarchic hacking group, or even has its endorsement.

There is an ongoing phishing attack playing out right now on the Tumblr network and it already has succeeded in stealing the login credentials of several thousand users, according to researchers who have been following the activity. The attack relies on a fake login page and some promises of free adult content, which have proven to be more than enough incentive for thousands of victims to give up their usernames and passwords.

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