United Kingdom

Phony T-Mobile, Vodaphone Notifications Duping U.K. Users

Cybercriminals in the United Kingdom this week have launched two separate but similar scams intent on gaining access to users’ computers. Both scams impersonate e-mail notifications from popular British cell phone companies and both ultimately open a backdoor on the targeted computers.

Two U.K. teens and twenty-somethings received a collective prison sentence of fifteen years after administering the Ghost Market criminal forum, a meeting place and a classroom where nefarious individuals found anything from banking malware to methamphetamine recipes.

OK. It’s been just over a week since information leaking Web site Wikileaks released the first installment of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables, with each day bringing new documents from the purported hoard of some 250,000 pages, and new developments from a range of very pissed off Western governments.

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