United States Department of Defense

Pentagon to Obama: icanhasbilliondollars plz?

Capitol Hill may be awash in tough talk on cuts to domestic programs, but that’s not stopping the Pentagon from seeking an additional billion dollars in funding for cyber security, according to a report from Nextgov.com.

RSA 2011: Winning the War But Losing Our Soul

There was lots of noise and distraction on the crowded Expo floor of the RSA Security Conference this year. After a grueling couple of years, vendors were back in force with big booths, big news and plenty of entertainment designed to attract visitor traffic. Wandering the floor, I saw – variously – magic tricks, a man walking on stilts, a whack-a-mole game, a man dressed in a full suit of armor and a 15 foot long racetrack that I would have killed for when I was 10.

The U.S. Department of Defense in a new report covering espionage for 2009 said that attempts by foreign spies to obtain classified or restricted U.S. technology increased and that foreign governments are focusing their spying efforts on naval and marine technology that could provide the foundation for a next generation “blue water” navy.

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