Inside the URLZone Trojan Network

Security researchers tracking the URL Zone malware/botnet have stumbled upon a new tactic being used by cyber-criminals to hide information on the money mules being used to transfer stolen funds from compromised online bank accounts.
URLZone, which targets computer users in Western Europe, is a botnet of approximately 6,000 hijacked computers that is used primarily to siphon funds from online bank accounts.  It steals between $4,000 and $15,000 from each compromised bank account and uses a nifty trick of modifying the withdrawn amount on the bank’s web site to avoid detection by the user.

Hackers Using Custom Trojans to Hide Online Bank Thefts

Online criminal gangs have begun using special malware that enables them to hide the amount of money that they’re stealing from victims’ online banking accounts, helping them evade detection for longer periods of time and extend the effectiveness of their crime sprees.

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