U.S. Senate

Citing Crisis, Senate Leader Puts Cybersecurity Bill On 2012 Agenda

Citing a looming crisis over lax computer security, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Wednesday that the Senate will debate cybersecurity legislation. The move comes despite the lack of a coherent Senate plan and could set up a showdown with House Republicans over the government’s role in forcing industry to strengthen cyber protections, according to a report by The Hill.

How I Taught the Senate To Hack

What happens when 20-something Beltway wonks put down their Blackberries and start getting real about hacking? Chris Wysopal can tell you. The security expert and former L0pht member is just back from D.C., where he took on the job of teaching Senate staffers on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee about SQL injection, spear phishing and more.

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