Microsoft Malware Data Shows Trojans Rampant in USA

One week after the release of its Microsoft Security Essentials utility, Microsoft is sharing some very useful data on malware infections globally.In the first week alone, the tool counted four million detections on 535,752 distinct machines, with ID-theft related Trojans sitting atop the detected category in the US. China has lots of potentially unwanted software threats, and worms (particularly Conficker) are very active in Brazil.

Can someone be too connected?

By Ozzie Diaz
There are those that would argue U.S. House Representative Pete Hoekstra is too connected. According to a recent article in a top security trade publication, Rep. Hoekstra sent tweets during his recent trip to Iraq. Some of the tweets included: “Just landed in Baghdad. I believe it may be first time I’ve had bb service in Iraq. 11th trip here.” and “Moved into green zone by helicopter Iraqi flag now over palace. Headed to new US embassy Appears calmer less chaotic than previous here.”

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