Verisign, the Internet security company responsible for management of the .COM domain, told federal regulators that it was the victim of several successful attacks in 2010, but that those incidents were not reported to the company’s management until September, 2011. The news was first reported by Reuters.

The DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) will be equipped for the “.com” entity by March 31, according to a report.While DNSSEC enhances DNS security as it is, the newly added .com security will act as an extra layer of protection, according to according to Matt Larson, the Vice President of DNS Research at Verisign.

Yesterday (Wednesday) the last of the 13 authoritative root servers for the domain name system  switched over to
the DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) security protocol. DNSSEC is
intended to prevent DNS exploits such as cache poisoning. All 13 root
servers are now serving a signed version of the root zone. However, it
is not possible to validate these signatures at present as the public
key remains undisclosed. Read the full article. [The H Security]

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