For all intents and purposes, the Heartland Payment Systems data breach saga ended more than two years ago when the embattled payment processor finalized settlements paying out millions of dollars to various banks, credit card issuers and consumers. That is until a handful of banks reportedly requested the Fifth Circuit reopen their negligence case that stemmed from the 2008 breach.

One day after a hacker using the handle “Reckz0r” claims to have infiltrated 79 different banks and leaked information allegedly belonging to Visa and MasterCard customers, there are questions about whether a hack actually occurred.

Following previous announcements from Visa and Mastercard, electronic credit card processor Global Payments Inc. acknowledged late Friday that its system was breached earlier this year.Global Payments announced via press release that a portion of its processing system had been compromised in early March and that company credit card data “may have been accessed.”

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