Voice over IP

Hackers Push Sipvicious VoIP Tools In Malicious Attacks

Researchers at NSS Labs claim that they’ve spotted attacks that use Sipvicious, a common auditing tool for Voice over IP (VoIP) networks as part of malicious attacks aimed at taking control of vulnerable VoIP servers. The attacks are apparently aimed at taking control of VoIP servers to place unauthorized calls. 

Report: Romanian Authorities Bust VoIP Hacking Group

Authorities in Romania have disrupted a large hacking ring accused of stealing Voice over IP (VoIP) data from hacked servers and using it to place bogus calls to premium rate numbers. Agence France Presse reported on Tuesday that 42 people were arrested in the sting, breaking up a network that was headed by two Romanians and that had caused more than $13.5m in losses to firms in the U.S., Britain, South Africa, Italy and Romania. 

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