VoIP Security

Cisco VoIP Phone Hacked, Turned into Listening Device

Network-enabled devices such as routers and printers are notoriously insecure and fully exploitable gateways leading attackers toward network resources. A researcher and PhD student at Columbia University recently added VoIP phones to the list of pressing concerns.

Skype’s Encryption Algorithm Exposed

A group of code breakers believe they have
successfully reverse engineered Skype’s implementation of the RC4
cipher, one of several encryption technologies used by the
consumer-oriented VoIP service. Read the full article. [The Register]

Cisco has released a number of reports on vulnerabilities in its products. It is possible to disrupt the transfer of voice data in the Unified Communications Manager using crafted SIP, SCCP and CTI packets. Read the full article. [The H Security]

Michael Gough, an information security specialist and president of the Austin, Texas, chapter of ISSA, owner of the web site skypetips.com gave CSO his thoughts on Skype’s benefits and security challenges in the business environment. Read the full article. [CSO]

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