Security A Hidden Benefit of iOS 4.2 Update

Apple iPhone and iPad users are buzzing about the new features that come with the latest update to the company’s iOS mobile operating system. But the update also contains dozens of fixes for security holes that could have allowed attackers to compromise the popular devices using malicious PDF files, Web based attacks, and more. 

Why the Disclosure Debate Doesn’t Matter

As the events of recent weeks have shown, there is no better way to start a dumpster fire of an argument among a group of security people than to bring up the hideous, threadbare topic of full disclosure. No one is ambivalent about it; everyone has an opinion, and usually a strong one. But what’s become increasingly clear of late is that, in the era of sophisticated, highly targeted attacks, it just doesn’t matter.

A new survey, which may be the first of its kind, has looked at the relative trustworthiness and responsiveness of the various organizations that buy vulnerabilities and found that TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative is rated by researchers as the most trustworthy and is the preferred buyer.

An “extremely severe” security vulnerability in the Opera browser could put web surfers at risk of remote code execution attacks, the software maker warned today.The vulnerability, now patched with the new Opera 10.53, affects Opera for Windows and Mac.

The Mozilla developers have released version 3.5.6 of their open source Firefox web browser to address a total of seven vulnerabilities, three of them critical. Read the full article. [The H Security]

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