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The odd thing about the way that Apple handles its security business is that there’s no real way to tell how Apple handles its security business. The company’s motives and reasoning are unknowable, thanks to its near-total silence on security matters and that attitude is beginning to border on the absurd.


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By any measure, Luigi Auriemma is a prolific vulnerability researcher. In the first ten months of 2011, the pay-for-bugs program Zero Day Initiative credited Auriemma with discovering 30 vulnerabilities, ranging from issues in Sybase enterprise software to Adobe Shockwave to Apple Quicktime. In its Upcoming Advisories section, ZDI listed Auriemma with finding another 35 vulnerabilities that still await fixes from their developers. The vulnerability researcher, who has made his name in part by finding SCADA bugs, is not yet ready to leave his day job. Despite ZDI’s bonus system, his independent research is not a career, he says.