Vulnerability Lab

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the bugs piling up for Apple’s iPhone. Now it seems a glitch in the iOS kernel of Apple’s much maligned iOS 6.1 is responsible for yet another passcode bypass vulnerability, the second to surface this month. Attackers can apparently access users’ photos, contacts and more by following a series of steps on an iPhone running iOS 6.1.

Researchers with Vulnerability Lab today announced mega payment processor PayPal has fixed a flaw on its site that allowed a remote user or a local user with low privileges to compromise a Web application using a blind SQL injection.The vulnerability was first reported to PayPal back in August, according to Softpedia, but the company waited until now to announce a fix. PayPal awarded the researchers a $3,000 bounty for responsibly disclosing their find.

Users of the free, open source KeePass password manager got unwelcome news on Tuesday, after a private security researcher claimed to have discovered a remotely exploitable security hole that could give an attacker access to unencrypted user passwords. However, KeePass’s creator calls the hole minor, and unlikely to be used in an attack.

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