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Quality Coding Takes A Break For The Holidays. But Why?

by Fergal Glynn, Director of Marketing, VeracodeI recently read a blog post by CloudFlare and Shawn Graham that asked a fantastic (and timely) question: “Do Hackers Take The Holidays Off?” CloudFlare sees traffic for hundreds of thousands of websites and was able to answer the question. They looked at the average percentage of requests that constitute threats, graphed the deviation, and then overlaid any events happening on those days. Their conclusion: it depends on the holiday.

You only have to glance at the headlines to know that the state of computer application security is bad. But a new report from Veracode makes clear how bad: just 16 percent of almost 10,000 applications tested in the last six months received a passing security grade on their first attempt.

Adobe took pains to defuse a dispute between the company and famed Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy, posting more information about the holes fixed with a patch for its Flash Player software. Adobe had claimed that 13 separate vulnerabilities were patched with the bulletin APSB11-21, while Ormandy said that patch addressed hundreds of holes. 

Google announced its long-awaited mobile payments platform, Google
Wallet, in New York City on Thursday. The company claims it will
revolutionize commerce. But with stories about massive data breaches and
hacks an almost daily occurance, consumers are most concerned about
whether Google Wallet is secure. Here’s what you need to know.

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