Virut and Waledac Botnets Spamming from Shared Machines

In an analysis of Virut botnet samples, Symantec researchers observed the malware downloading Waledac variants, suggesting that the gangs responsible for each botnet may be cooperating with one another through some sort of affiliate program, or, at the very least, that the two threats coexist and function on single infected machines.

Reports: Rustock Born in the USA

U.S. hosting firms accounted for the bulk of the command and control centers for the Rustock botnet, with many firms claiming that they had no idea they were harboring an illegal criminal network on their infrastructure, according to a story in Krebsonsecurity.com.

With the help of a U.S. federal judge, Microsoft has struck a blow against one of the Internet’s worst sources of spam: the notorious Waledac botnet. Microsoft said that it had been granted a court order that will cut off 277 .com domains associated with the botnet. Read the full article. [Computerworld]

In an undercover mission to learn more about
the size and scope of the son of the infamous Storm botnet, Waledac,
German researchers have discovered the spamming botnet is much bigger
and more efficient than previously thought. Read the full article. [Dark Reading]

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