Washington D.C.

US Supreme Court Ends Warrantless GPS Tracking

In a decision that was closeley watched by civil liberties group and the technology industry, the Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that GPS tracking devices constitute a “search” and that authorities must obtain a warrant before placing one on a suspect’s vehicle.

China’s Great Firewall Being Turned Against Facebook, Google, and Twitter

When most people think of the Great Firewall of China, they think of government censors black holing the comments of political dissidents or conversations related to the long list of topics the governing Communist Party finds disruptive to political harmony. But in testimony before Congress, the head of a U.S.-based technology industry group said that the censorship is also taking an economic toll on Western Internet firms, as China steers Chinese consumers away from Western Web based services including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Foursquare and toward domestic competitors.

A New Report from a Washington D.C. think tank with ties to the Obama
Administration says the U.S. needs to overhaul its cyber security
planning and issue a kind of Monroe Doctrine for cyber space to
discourage attacks against U.S. interests.

HBGary Federal, the beleagured security startup that has been the target of the online mischief making group Anonymous for the last week said on Monday that [it was ceasing operations | its CEO Aaron Barr was stepping down]. 

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