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Mozilla Readies Silent Updater with New Versions of Firefox

Mozilla announced this week that it plans to integrate a silent updater in the next build of its flagship browser, Firefox, allowing future patches for Firefox 12 to be downloaded and installed in the background while the browser is running, according to a blog post by Robert Nyman, Mozilla’s Technical Evangelist on hacks.mozilla.org on Wednesday.

QR tags have become the next big thing in interactive marketing. But as smart phone users flock to the trendy, postage-stamp sized bar codes, researchers are warning that they could be used to hijack mobile phones by directing them to malicious Web pages.

A co-founder of The Tor Project says his organization is being kept in the dark about the status of a dozen fraudulent SSL certificates issued in its name by a compromised root server operated by Diginotar. The bogus certificates could be used to carry out man in the middle attacks, or trick unsuspecting Internet users into downloading a compromised version of the Tor anonymity software.

Researchers at NSS Labs claim that they’ve spotted attacks that use Sipvicious, a common auditing tool for Voice over IP (VoIP) networks as part of malicious attacks aimed at taking control of vulnerable VoIP servers. The attacks are apparently aimed at taking control of VoIP servers to place unauthorized calls. 

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