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Major Browser Flaws Will Be In Spotlight At Black Hat

At next week’s Black Hat security conference, researcher Jeremiah Grossman  plans to detail
critical weaknesses that are enabled by default in major browsers–IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome– and include vulnerabilities that have yet to be
purged by the respective browser makers despite months and years of notice. Read the full article. [The Register]

The Web Won’t Be Safe, Let Alone Secure, Unless We Break It

By Jeremiah GrossmanThere are several security issues affecting all major Web browsers that
have remained unaddressed for years (probably because the bad guys
haven’t leveraged them aggressively enough, but the potential is
there). The problem is that the only known ways to fix these issues
(adequately) is to “break the Web” — i.e. negatively impact the
usability of a significant and unacceptable percentage of websites.
Doing so is a non-starter for any browser vendor looking to grow market
share. The choice is clear for most vendors: Be less secure and adopted, rather than secure and obscure. This is what the choice comes down to. This is a topic deserving of further exploration.

Top 5 Social Networking Business Threats

Social networking sites are ideal havens for online criminal activities as they provide a combination of two key factors: a huge number of users and a high-level of trust among these users, cautioned a security specialist. ZDNet Asia spoke to industry experts who highlight the top five security threats enterprises should be mindful about when using social networking sites. Read the full story [ZDNet]

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