Web site hacks

Google Blocks High Profile Sites After Advertising Provider NetSeer is Hacked

Google Chrome users, among others, couldn’t access some of the most popular Web sites Monday after an advertising network’s corporate Web site was injected with malware. But, according to the ad company’s chief executive, those sites were safe.Those who called up sites such as The Huffington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and many other media sites, among others, were greeted with a warning that the sites contained malware.

AMD ‘Hackette’ Serves as Warning to Patch, Patch, Patch

Web administrators using the popular Wordpress platform should heed the cautionary tale of microprocessor maker AMD and make sure they update their Web sites to secure vulnerabilities.

The company site was hacked over the weekend by someone called “r00tbeer” said to be part of a small enclave called r00tBeer Security Team. The bounty: 189 accounts in a SQL database that amounted to 32kb of data. The leaked information included usernames, email addresses and salted passwords of AMD employees and public relations personnel.

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