Window Snyder

FTC, Experts Push Startups to Think About Security From the Beginning

About a decade ago, many large software makers learned some very difficult lessons about software security and building security into their products from the start. Some are still learning. The FTC and a variety of security experts are hoping that today’s crop of start-ups will not have to go through that same painful process. The FTC […]

How I Got Here: Window Snyder

Dennis Fisher talks with Window Snyder of Fastly about her early interest in technology, what it was like meeting the L0pht crew at the MIT Flea as a teenager, her time at @stake, working on XP SP2 at Microsoft, Apple’s security evolution and much more.

Apple Hires New Security Chief

Apple has hired a software security expert to head up its growing internal security group. The company has hired David Rice, a former National Security Agency analyst and consultant on security issues, according to reports.

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