Windows Update

Threatpost News Wrap, October 2, 2015

Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook talk about the week in news–the latest Gatekeeper bypass in OS X, Stagefright 2.0, that accidental Windows Update, and Apple’s privacy initiative.

A security researcher has identified a Tor exit node that was actively patching binaries users download, adding malware to the files dynamically. The discovery, experts say, highlights the danger of trusting files downloaded from unknown sources and the potential for attackers to abuse the trust users have in Tor and similar services. Josh Pitts of Leviathan […]

The Microsoft security team shipped just two bulletins – resolving as many holes – in the September, 2012 edition of Patch Tuesday.The patches will supply fixes for two ‘important’ rated bugs, one in Microsoft Developer Tools and the other in Micrososft Server Software. If unpatched, both could lead to elevation of privileges.

The past week has brought to light more revelations about the mysterious Flame (or sKyWIper) worm that was first identified at the end of May. Among them: the eye-popping admission from Microsoft that the malware’s authors found a way to use that company’s Windows Update feature to distribute the malware.

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