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Microsoft Issues Kill Fix For Windows Gadgets

A scheduled talk at the Black Hat Briefings security conference in Las Vegas later this month may have dealt a fatal blow to the once ballyhooed Windows Sidebar and Windows Gadgets. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft, on Tuesday, issued a software “fix” that disables gadgets and the Windows sidebar on Vista and Windows 7 entirely.

Apple today shipped Safari 4.0.4 to fix a total of seven security flaws that expose Windows and Mac users to a wide range of malicious hacker attacks.The high-priority update patches vulnerabilities that allow remote code execution (drive-by downloads) if a user simply surfs to a maliciously rigged Web site.  Some of the issues affect Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system.

Microsoft Windows 7 is on its way tomorrow, and it is bringing with it a set of security features Microsoft hopes will appeal to enterprises.The Windows 7 security story has three main chapters that have received a fair amount of attention – DirectAccess, BitLocker To Go and AppLocker. With these, capabilities like Branchcache and enhancements to features like user account control (UAC), officials at Microsoft feel they are pushing out their most secure operating system yet. Read the full story [eWEEK/Brian Prince]

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