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Brazen Crimeware Marketing Branches Out to Social Networks

The secrecy of underground forums where financial malware and crimeware kits are traded is well guarded, to the point that few are able to penetrate them without some kind of internal sponsor. Here, criminals value their privacy as much as those from whom they steal. That’s what makes a recent discovery from RSA Security’s FraudAction […]

A fraud ring that attacked financial transfer systems in an attempt to get at wealthy high-end banking customers used a complicated web of malware and compromised servers in several countries to walk off with an estimated $78 million earlier this year. While the attacks targeted financial systems, the victims seem to be limited to companies involved in manufacturing, import-export businesses, and state or local governments.

After tapering off, the Zeus Trojan has been staging a comeback over the last few months, possibly using a new infection routine that leverages Windows’ autorun feature even after a company update to limit infections that use it, according to research by Microsoft.

A new version of the data-stealing trojan Zeus is for the first time able to successfully exploit Mozilla’s Firefox browser to commit sophisticated online banking fraud. Read the full article. [Secure Computing]

The Zeus botnet is now using an unpatched flaw in Adobe’s PDF document
format to infect users with malicious code, said security researchers. Read the full article. [Computerworld]

More than 74,000 PCs at nearly 2,500 organizations around the globe
were compromised over the past year and a half in a botnet infestation
designed to steal login credentials to bank sites, social networks, and
e-mail systems, researchers have discovered. Read the full article. [cnet]

Criminals are spamming the Zeus banking Trojan in a convincing e-mail that spoofs the National Security Agency. Initial reports indicate that a large number of government systems may have been compromised by the attack. Read the full article. [KrebsonSecurity]

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