Experts Agree: No Easy Fix For Mobile Security

SAN FRANCISCO — Mobile phones, tablet PCs and other new technologies are poised to take over the workplace, but organizations that hope to secure them before they do so face an uphill battle, according to a symposium on mobile security.

Class Action Suits Target Google, Facebook, Zynga

A raft of class action lawsuits filed in Federal court charge the globe’s biggest social networking
firms with violating federal communications privacy laws, allowing advertisers to profit from personal information harvested from users.

Behind Facebook ‘Breach’: New Apps, Old Infrastructure

A report of a massive ‘privacy breach’ at Facebook reveals, instead, the rickety underpinnings of the modern Internet straining at the demands of new applications. 

When the Wall Street Journal broke a story on Monday about a “Privacy Breach” at Facebook, all the elements were in place for a tech-driven earthquake: the world’s largest social network, the privacy of what the Journal described as ‘tens of millions’ of users of Facebook applications (or ‘apps’) including mega hits like Zynga’s Farmville.

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