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911 outage

April 911 Outage Affected 3.5 Percent of U.S. Population

A catastrophic failure in the emergency call management infrastructure cascaded into an incident that left 11 million out of reach of 911 dispatchers for six hours.


patch tuesday

Fixes for IE, Flash Player in October Patch Tuesday Release

Microsoft posted eight bulletins for Patch Tuesday, three of which are considered critical including a cumulative Internet Explorer update, while Adobe has fixes for Flash Player and ColdFusion.


National Security Letter

EFF Issues Arguments Against National Security Letters

Categories: Government, Privacy

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Justice Department squared off on the topic of National Security Letters in a San Francisco courtroom yesterday. This fight’s next stop is likely the Supreme Court.


mozilla patches

Mozilla Patches RSA Signature Forgery in Firefox, Thunderbird, NSS

Users of Mozilla products should update Firefox, NSS, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird in order to obtain fixes for a bug that could let an attacker forge RSA certificates and perform man-in-the-middle attacks.

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Health Insurance Marketplaces Could Improve Information Security

Categories: Government, Web Security

The marketplaces set up to provide health insurance to Americans under Obamacare are generally doing a good job of protecting personally identifiable information but can also improve security practices.


LogMeIn Phishing

Malware-Laced Emails Appear to Come From LogMeIn

Spam emails pretending to be a security update for LogMeIn users, including a new security certificate countering Heartbleed attacks, are making the rounds, warns the SANS Institute.