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Slideshow: Scenes from Black Hat USA 2013

Scenes from this year’s hacking conference in Las Vegas, Nev. include a keynote by General Keith B. Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency and talks by researchers Karsten Nohl and Ralf-Phillip Weinmann.

Ryan McGeehan and Chad Greene

More from CanSecWest 2013

Pwn2Own, Pwnium Attract Dollars and 0-Days by the BushelGroundbreaking Cyber Fast Track Research Program EndingAt Pwn2Own, Browser Exploits Gett

Ryan McGeehan and Chad Greene

Ryan McGeehan, the director of incident response at Facebook and Chad Greene, the manager of the Facebook CERT on Thursday both explained how the social network has planned red team exercises in the past to prepare the company’s security team for a real attack.

Stefan Esser

Mobile security researcher Stefan Esser discussed the security model of Apple iOS and some of the recent changes the company has made to lock it down even further.

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