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Security experts constantly tell users not to reuse passwords on multiple accounts, but the message often falls on deaf ears. Now, officials at Mozilla are finding that advanced users don’t always follow that advice either after discovering that an attacker was able to compromise a Bugzilla user’s account by using a password taken from a data[…]


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Feds Change Policy to Require Warrant for Use of Stingrays

The Department of Justice has established a new policy that requires federal law enforcement agents–and state and local agencies working with the department–to obtain search warrants in order to use Stingray devices. The change is a major one, as agents will now need to show probable cause before deploying one of the devices, which simulate[…]


Cisco Patches File Overwrite Bug in IMC Supervisor and UCS Director

Cisco has patched a remote file-overwrite vulnerability in a couple of its products that could allow an attacker to replace arbitrary files and cause target systems to become unstable. The vulnerability affects the Cisco Integrated Management Controlled Supervisor and UCS Director software. The company has fixed the bug in new versions of the software,[…]